George Rosar's multimedia explosion hour, half-hour

Junior review time is here

It’s time for my Junior review, hopefully the computer doesn’t end up getting reset again.

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3 responses to “Junior review time is here”

  1. Lindsey M. Johnson says:


    In your artistic statement, you mention the study of mathematics. My question to you is: How and when does mathematics become an ‘interpretation’ and ‘simulation’ of “nature”? I feel as though you may be referring to ecology and the environment. Is that true?

    Also, specifically, you mention molecular manufacturing, bioengineering, and synthetic engineering. Can you give an example of current and future ‘breakthroughs’ that you have come across in your studies?

    In addition, you name mathematical functions of Calculus and Fractals. How and when do these functions play a role in your “dreamworld?”

    Based on your portfolio work, I would assume that you are referring to complex 3D mathematical models of ecology and evolution.

    It is clear that your 3D simulations portray such complex mathematical functions, but how do your artistic studies connect with the current technological and evolutionary viewpoints?

    Have you studied any theories that shed any light onto biological evolution? By looking at your computer models, I feel as though you have a genius grasp on artificial life evolutionary models.

    I am very impressed with your page, as abstract as it may seem. Overall, I’d say you have an impressive grip on the artistic process as-we-know-it.

    • admin says:

      Mathematics are a simulation because there will always be more advanced equations that are more accurate, despite some others that could be newer simpler equations. There is no evidence that anything in mathematics being entirely accurate, especially in trig, when we cannot calculate exact value of PI.

      As far as synthetic engineering there’s this piece of news from earlier this year:

      The human body is basically an organic nano-machine, once human produced nano-technology is small enough to emulate the vast wiring of the human nervous system, senses and motor system, we would possibly be able to modify our looks, this is shown in the piece Their Own Creations, in the 2D section. Their Own Creations, is a colored chalk drawing of two genetic mutants that have changed their appearance, and one of the figures can float in the air.

      As far as biological evolution is concerned, there is the Periodic Table of Evolution by Leary: presented as the Eightfold Model of Human Consciousness by Robert Anton Wilson. Some would consider these theories to be very out-there, however considering certain implications on how DNA was actually discovered might tip someone off a tad… Most of us are at the stage of Neurosomatic evolution and somewhere between there and Neurogenetic. As far as modifying the matrix of reality, we are a ways off from the top of the list of evolutionary circuits, being the highest level also known as Neuroatomic, or Cosmic engineering.

  2. Lindsey M. Johnson says:


    In your Bio, you cite yourself to be a skilled musician. Since I met you back in 2005, I’ve noticed that you have emerged as brilliant student in illustration, graphics, web design, and most dominantly mixed media studies and projects.

    Mostly significantly though, you seem to be highly creative when it comes to writing, composing and performing both the bass and guitar with a magical musical touch. I hope that in this coming season you are able to continue with your musical studies outside of MCAD. The opportunity to excel in music, one of your greatest passions, can and should allow you to thrive in the artistic and modern world we live in today.

    Music, to me, is an outlet to express great creative visions and dreams. Provided you continue to produce unique sound, radical vocalizations, and upbeat rhythms, I see for you a bright future ! Good luck with your recordings !

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